The Lemon Tree of the Lord 2020


Long time ago a Poet named Andrés Eloy complained about the greed that a noble tree destroyed. And in the corner of Miracielos he knew how to exclaim in pain: What greedy hand would cut off the lemon tree of the Lord…

And he placed us in the story of a Miracle of Love,

of the blessed Nazarene

when he went out in procession,

in a city full of fear.

Today the prayer returns

When we watch on TV

the health emergency

that the Covid unleashed us.

The virus has no cure,

only prevention it has,

and the doors were shut down,

with clear submission were closed.


And we returned in Lent

to see the face of God

in those who risked their health

for giving attention and care.


Let us ask the Nazarene

for healing the whole world;

so that everyone is protected

against this tiny aggressor.

That we learn to take care of ourselves,

without the need for Doctor,

for the good life is only achieved

if we learn how to Love.


At the time we open our houses,

when the occasion arrives,

let us build a better world

as He taught us,

in mutual care, prayer and fraternal love.


May solidarity and forgiveness flourish

in every corner of the world,

as in the corner of Miracielos,

the lemon tree of the Lord…!

Enrique Solo Parrra is a Jesuit working in Caracas, Venezuela.

  • Peter Bisson SJ
    Posted at 08:57h, 26 June Reply

    Thank you Eduardo!!

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