Finding God in All

Source: Suzanne St. Ives

Distracted by beauty, seeing God in all things
Holiness whispering at every moment
Longing for attention, unfurling gentle wings

Snowflake kissing my cheek
Jolting me awake to the Presence
As only a Lover can, leaving knees weak

The kingdom of God near, here
Held unknowingly, grasp relentless
This earth only a tiny mirror

Generating joy in a hide-and seek game
Divining the Divine in cosmic wonder
Released from bindings of anger and shame

God in the spring and light;
God in the desert and dark
God in a never-ending glorious flight.

Suzanne, a good collaborator of the Jesuits, was very involved in the Spiritual Exercises apostolate of St. Ignatius parish, Winnipeg, and also in many social justice issues. She died on June 25, 2018. May she rest in peace.

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