Four Lenten Reflections


1. Vulnerability

Lent is a gentle reminder …
A privileged invitation
To immerse ourselves
Into our vulnerability.

An invitation to relive
The depths of our humanity
An invitation to be
With our fragile humanity.

An invitation to not escape
The challenges of our humanity
But to face them fully
With a simple heart.

Just like the One
Who first prayed that the challenges
Be removed
But then decided that not His will be done.

Lent is a pause
To relate to ourselves and others
Through the fragile lens
Of our vulnerable humanity.

2. Self-forgiveness

Is a path to healing
That leads
To gentleness.

Gentleness with self
And gentleness with others
Who may find healing
In the way we relate to them.

3. Faith, Reason and Heart

Faith is also nourished
By the connection between our mind and our heart.
By our rich imaginative self
And by our feelings at their best.

Not only reason, but also heart.
Just like our reason
Beautifully enlightens our faith
So too our heart strengthens our faith.

Faith, reason, and heart
Seem to be a much complete picture
Giving mind and heart
An equal partnership on the journey of faith.

4. Showing Vulnerability

Showing vulnerability is a double-edged sword. While it’s credited to make us relatable, by revealing our most human side, it also exposes us to those who aim at taking advantage of the defenseless.

Some of us have the choice to show our vulnerable self. We have a buffer, in case we get hurt. Others do not have any choice but to interact with the world around them with bare hands, and their back exposed.

Showing vulnerability, or not showing vulnerability: that is the question. But for the defenseless, it’s not a question. They simply have no choice. Their vulnerability is all they have to show.

Dodzi Jean-Antoine Amemado is a university scholar. He also works with the Federal Government in Ottawa.

  • Peter Bisson
    Posted at 07:02h, 08 April Reply

    Thank you very much Fodzi!

  • Robert Czerny
    Posted at 08:04h, 08 April Reply

    Lovely and helpful insights, thank you.

  • Richard Grover
    Posted at 12:20h, 08 April Reply

    Faith…Easter is almost here. Reason….Ukraine seems to be driving Russian armies out of their homeland. Heart….evidence of war crimes and funerals for the dead . Thanks for your words of wisdom Dodzi. Richard

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