Winnipeg Snow

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Winnipeg Snowt -February 20,2022, third highest record amount of snow fall 156.6 cm

(1919/20, 165.1 cm  & 1955/56, 210.2 cm)


 I know snow snow snow and snow

piled higher and higher than it can go,

ten foot mounds on most street sides,

ten inches even on the pavement lies,

walls of snow edge sidewalk paths of ice

tunnels branching into each house lot.

A plow flounders in our back lane rut

needing snow plow #2 to get unstuck;

That passage’s now utterly completely blocked

for car or even four wheel drive truck!

Basement windows are covered now in drifts;

like a bear in a cave I sleep live exist.

Then brisk breeze calms and sun steeps bold and bright;

Snow sparkles in the crispy air and all is again somewhat

alright, I guess.

Frank Obrigewitsch, SJ, is pastor of St. Ignatius parish in Winnipeg.

  • graeme quinlan
    Posted at 04:42h, 07 March Reply

    Frank, I can only thank God I don’t live in a snow zone here in central Victoria Australia. Though it must look a beautiful sight, but oh boy, it must be a horribly messy job to clean up. But then it’s after the big chill and the thaw new life springs from the earth, new life from hibernation.

    • Frank Obrigewitsch
      Posted at 11:19h, 07 March Reply

      I do love winter, Graeme. But this one is particularly cold and snowy. It would be good if it would limit itself to three months!

  • Peter Bisson
    Posted at 07:03h, 07 March Reply

    Thank you Frank!

  • Richard Grover
    Posted at 08:32h, 07 March Reply

    Love me , love my Winterpeg. Thanks Frank. Cabin fever time is almost over… is COVID 19. Now we pray for the Ukrainians.

  • Michelle Kotak
    Posted at 11:03h, 07 March Reply

    It is a sight to behold! I came into the city after the last big dump to dig my mom out. The snow across the entire front yard was nearly 5 feet and the snow banks on the road are taller than my 6 foot tall husband. It was like driving through a snow maze in her neighbourhood. It is very beautiful. I love winter and Winnipeg and Manitoba is a great place to appreciate it. Snow and more snow, Bless the Lord!

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