Easter Light

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In a sense we’re still experiencing being in the tomb during this the second Easter of our COVID time.  Though I believe the stone has been rolled away.  We are perhaps seeing some light especially with the number of vaccinations increasing and with each one more hope.  I received my first ‘jab’on Easter Sunday.  It was painless and the whole affair was conducted with efficiency and care.

Some more light was evident in that a contingent of 100 parishioners were permitted to attend all of the Triduum liturgies, and they did!  What a joy to celebrate our greatest feasts of the year with at least some of God’s people present!

As the lit Christ Candle was processed up the main aisle of the church, the triple ‘Light of Christ’ declaration at the beginning of the Vigil Service rang through the Church and the response ‘Thanks be to God’ was hearty!

I believe the experience was echoed in many in the parish, province, country, and world, whose presence was virtual!  Indeed we all are called to be people of light and joy especially in trying times.  Please join in my prayer that we will be precisely that!  Our families, our parish, our city, our Province and country, our world needs that light.

He is risen from the dead!

Happy Easter!

Frank Obrigewitsch, SJ, is pastor of St. Ignatius parish in Winnipeg.

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