Mohammed dies. Source: biography,com

1453            The Muslim Turks conquer Constantinople, capital of the Eastern Empire.

632               Mohammed dies. Until the rise of Islam, the whole of the Near East and Middle East,

along   with North Africa, had been Christian.

711-1492      Most of Spain and Portugal was under Muslim rule by 1031. Christians, Jews and Muslims lived together in                               relative harmony.

1469                           Queen Isabella of Castile-Léon marries Ferdinand of Aragon, creating the modern state of Spain.

1481                           The Inquisition established in Castile to deal with false converts among  Jews.

1483                           Martin Luther born.

1485                           Katharine of Aragon born to Ferdinand and Isabella, is aunt of Charles V.

1491                           Ignatius (Íñigo) de Loyola born.

1492                           Grenada, the last Muslim stronghold, conquered by Ferdinand and Isabella. J

Jews given four months to accept conversion or expulsion.

1492                           Columbus missioned to find an eastern route to the Indies

so that the Turks  could be attacked from  the rear; he lands in the West “Indies”.

1492                           A Spaniard Roderigo Borja (Borgia) becomes Pope Alexander VI (dies 1503)

1499                           Katharine of Aragon (aged 14) sails to England.

1502                           Katharine marries Arthur, Prince of Wales, who dies four months later.

She becomes the first wife of Henry VIII. She maintains their marriage is  valid.

1502                           Unconverted Muslims expelled from Spain to North Africa.

1513                           Niccolo Machiavelli publishes The Prince.

1517                           Martin Luther posts his 95 theses on the church door in Wittemberg.

1529                           The Turks besiege Vienna.

1530                           Ignatius arrives in Paris.

1534                           The English church breaks with Rome.

1534                            Ignatius and the first companions pronounce vows at Montmartre, Paris.

1540                           Pope Paul III permits the formation of a new religious order,

the   Company of Jesus (The Jesuits).

1541                           Ignatius reluctantly accepts to be General Superior of the Order.

1545                           The long-delayed General Council opens at Trent.

1548                           Two Latin translations of the Spiritual Exercises approved by Paul III.

1556                           July 31, Ignatius dies in Rome at age 64.

Eric Jensen, SJ, works in the Spiritual Exercises ministry at Loyola House, Guelph, Ontario. He also paints and writes. He is the author of Entering Christ's Prayer (Ave Maria Press, 2007)and Ignatius Loyola and You (Novalis 2018).

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