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We gathered last year in August, and again this August.

One, an innovative educator, retired, another a marketing executive from Regina, a senior development manager – both with substantive IT skills –  and me.  We concluded that for the most part our common perspective is from the outside of normal, looking in.

We came together hungry to catch up, revel in freedom, shoot the breeze, rest, enjoy excellent cuisine, and to view spectacular scenes like the one in the photo.

Unscripted and unscheduled, we explored God, kids, life, politics and more. Unexpected ribald comments occasionally broke logjams. Before COVID  we had weekly breakfasts. The group was fluid as were the  discussions: never mandated, always challenging, mostly respectful.

Being together over time was better.

I couldn’t  answer with an algorithmic, step-by-step, coherent description of God or God’s existence. We did get to Noosphere as the thinking layer of the planet and that we affect creation. There were few problems with  knowing what we know and that we know. Not knowing what we don’t know, is simply stated but contains such depth.

“Where is God?” they asked. “All over!” –  like what our eyes were seeing, especially where we were and who we were with. I’m sure my answer fostered suggestions of relativism: quite the opposite of how my friends think and operate. But then there is purposeful grace –  providing opportunities for us to respond.

What there was. Thoughtful listening. Respect. Logic. Horrible jokes.

I hope we can meet again next year.

David is supposed to be retired but enjoys being a husband, father, grandfather, friend, Jesuit alumnus, adult educator, writer and small business advisor. He flies his airplane as often as he can, for the absolute joy of it.

  • Peter Bisson
    Posted at 10:11h, 09 November Reply

    Thank you David!

  • Lorella D'Cruz
    Posted at 19:40h, 09 November Reply

    I enjoyed your piece, David. So well articulated!

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