What I’m thankful for . . .

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I am most grateful this year for the mild and sunny weather, the amazing changing colours of the leafs, the sounds and smells of fall and others who are appreciative of these things (.Grace Colella)

I am most grateful for this Thanksgiving is our Jesuit community spirit the generosity of others in the give and take of community life aided by the pandemic restrictions.  (Peter Monty, SJ)

What I am most grateful this Thanksgiving is good health, the love of God, family and friends, and the ability to reach others through my creative writing.  (Viola Athaide)

What I am most grateful for this Thanksgiving is the ketogenic diet. (Raj Vijyakumar)

What I am most grateful for this Thanksgiving is the Covid pandemic. It’s ironic the isolation and restrictions have mysteriously brought me closer to Christ. I realize what is ultimately important because I cannot indulge my material pleasures  so easily.  (John Montague)

What I am most thankful for this Thanksgiving? Certainly my upbringing in a good Catholic family, the offshoot of that being my vocation. (Bill Robins, SJ)

What I am most grateful for this Thanksgiving is that I was born in Canada and, not, God forbid, Afghanistan. That when someone knocks at my door I’m not afraid to open it, worried that there would be someone with a machete on the other side of that door. (Mary Hansen)

What I am most grateful for this Thanksgiving is the privilege of living and working here on these 600 acres at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre and being able to go for walks on it most days.  I feel especially blessed to stop on the way and pray a while in the light filled St Francis chapel. (Bill Clarke, SJ)

The pilgrim writes of the way his faith sustains him.

  • Friederika Priemer
    Posted at 05:56h, 07 October Reply

    Dear All,

    I like all your wonderful comments and would like to add mine: I am so very thankful for having met some years ago the charismatic Icelandic narrator and author Reverend Jón Sveinsson/Svensson SJ, aka NONNI: not in person, but through his wonderful books. His deep trust in God has changed my life completely. As he is hardly known in Canada and the United States I would like to recommend the first English translation of “Nonni in America” which was edited recently. It is a great entertaining travelogue of Jón Svensson’s trip around the world, part one, from Europe to North America and Canada in the year 1936 by plane, boat and train – at the age of 80!!

  • graeme quinlan
    Posted at 07:47h, 07 October Reply

    What I”am most grateful for is the gift of all of you in the Ignation family who keep us who are ever so far away so spiritually nourished with your insights and uplifting presentations each and every day. a big THANK YOU.

  • Paul Desmarais
    Posted at 08:37h, 07 October Reply

    These Thanksgiving sentiments are very uplifting.

  • Peter Bisson
    Posted at 09:26h, 07 October Reply

    Thank you Pilgrim!

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