Catholic and Quasi-Catholic Podcasts Worth Listening to


I like podcasts. They are a good way to distract you when you’re doing the dishes or at the gym or just needing something to entertain you on your drive. The problem is finding the right podcast.

One of the first podcasts I ever started to listen to is Jesuitical, a podcast part of the America Media Network. This podcast, hosted by two young, hip, and lay Catholics who work at America, is a good foray into Catholic podcasts. Zac and Ashley are great journalists and speak with interesting guests.

The episode is easy to digest. It has three segments: the Signs of the Times, the interview, and Consolation & Desolation. I find that it is broken up nicely that if I only have time for the Signs of the Times, I can tune into that and learn what is going on in the Catholic world and get a perspective that is different from my own.

Of course, as with most things, this podcast is heavily American-centric, but it is still appealing to this Canadian listener.

Another great Catholic podcast is The Liberation Theology Podcast hosted by Fr David Inczauskis, SJ. If you’re like me and have long been interested in liberation theology and are an academically inclined nerd (I mean, I am getting a Master’s in Political Theory after all!), then this is a great podcast for you.

The podcast is in summer mode, so Fr Inczasukis, SJ is only releasing one episode per month right now, so you have enough time to catch up on all the episodes so far. This podcast is not shy about being left-leaning, so just be aware of this—personally, I find it to be refreshing to have left-leaning Catholic commentary.

Within this same left-leaning political realm, I want to talk about two other podcasts. One is much more Catholic or Christian than the other, but the second one is quasi-Catholic. The first is the Magnificast. This podcast is a left-leaning Catholic/Christian podcast that talks about plenty of different topics related to Christianity and Marxism. It is very much an academically inclined podcast.

The second one Know Your Enemy and is a true favourite of mine. I would class this as quasi-Catholic because one of the co-hosts, Matthew Sitman, refers to his Catholicism frequently and is an editor at Commonweal. If you like the work done at Commonweal, this is not too far off in some of its commentary.

The podcast is billed to leftists or centre-leftists for them to understand the right. This too is very much an academically inclined podcast that provides great analysis and insight into American conservatism.he last podcast I would like to mention is Queer I am Lord hosted by Xorje Olivares.

If you are looking to understand the queer Catholic experience (again, very American-centric), then this is a great place to start. Xorje interviews friends and other queer Catholics about their experience within the Church. As a queer Catholic, I have found it interesting to learn about other queer Catholics’ experiences and how they are similar or different from my own.

This is not an exhaustive list of Catholic and quasi-Catholic podcasts, but these are the ones to which I tend to listen. A good way to find some other ones is to check out some of the guests on Jesuitical, as they have interviewed other Catholic podcasters before. Hopefully there is a podcast out there for you

Luke Gilmore is an Alumnus of Campion College, the University of Regina., and is a political scientist..

  • Peter Bisson
    Posted at 08:18h, 18 September Reply

    Thank you Luke!

  • John Montague
    Posted at 08:52h, 18 September Reply

    Thank you Luke.

  • Dan Leckman
    Posted at 08:48h, 26 September Reply

    Well said Luke. I’m also a big fan of our those ‘young, hip and lay’ folks at Jesuitical.

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