Humility and Gentleness

Humility is the art to be gentle with oneself
Even though we might not be completely satisfied with our day…
Even though we did not reach our goals despite all our candid effort.
Humility is to accept to reinvent oneself once again.

Humility is to choose gratefulness over despair
Hope for tomorrow over bitterness
Joy and appreciation for what we’ve tried to accomplish today…
And the decision to embrace the little joy that comes with it.

Humility is human and freeing
It gets us to live truly and humanly. 
Humility provides what is needed to be in tune with self and others
Humility goes hand in hand with self-compassion, and compassion for others.

Humility is gentleness. And gentleness is authenticity.

Dodzi Jean-Antoine Amemado is a university scholar. He also works with the Federal Government in Ottawa.

  • Paul Desmarais S.J.
    Posted at 02:41h, 12 June Reply

    Well phrased Dodzi. Could such an understanding be one way to help us overcome the mental anguish that is so prevalent in the world today by being home bound during the pandemic?

  • Peggy Spencer
    Posted at 05:26h, 12 June Reply

    Beautiful! Just what I needed to hear today!

  • Peter Bisson
    Posted at 05:40h, 12 June Reply

    Thank you Dodzi!

  • Karen Arthurs
    Posted at 08:04h, 12 June Reply

    How much the world needs this. Very beautiful, thank you.

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