What I am most looking forward to after the pandemic is . . .

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Canadianas are still living with many restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Toronto Star recently published the results of a survey done for Scotiabank  about what people want to do when these restrictions are lifted.

The top three items on the list are the list are large family gatherings, travel by air outside Canada and eating in a restaurant with friends. These are followed by taking a road trip outside of Canada.

Next on Canadians’ wish list is “ . . . enjoying the outdoors at a busy beach or park, shopping indoors, seeing a new blockbuster movie at the theatre, attending live music or sporting events, enjoying a spa day and working out at the gym or a fitness class.” (The Toronto Star May 5, 2021.)

IgNation asked writers to complete – in a sentence or two – the following statement:

“What I am most looking forward to after the pandemic is . . . .. . “

Here are their responses:

. . .  returning to life as it was before with the full range of travel and human contacts, while continuing to value and put in practice the lessons of wisdom and equilibrium I have learned during this time of testing. (Jean-Marc Laporte, SJ ,Montreal)

. . . being relaxed in the close company of family and friends.   (Johnston Smith , Winnipeg)

.. . . maintaining the peace I am enjoying, breaking bread with friends again, going to the gym, playing bridge in person,  participating at Mass, and travelling. Covid  has also slowed  the planet down, resulting for me in values reassessment,  less competition, and laughter provided by my puppy. (John Montagu, Toronto)

…. getting together with friends for a meal. (Michael Bautista, St John’s)

. . . realizing that hopefully, I have changed for the better because of it (Peggy Spencer, Melbourne, Australia)

. . .gathering and hugging freely family and friends, celebrating in church with a full congregation, singing supported by choir & organ, receiving the Eucharist in person. and giving thanks to all the lessons learned during this pandemic exile  (Vicky Chen, Toronto)

. . . visiting my family in Manitoba. (Norbert Piche, Montreal)Source: algrim.com

. . . traveling by air and doing so free of anxiety. (Max Oliva, SJ, Spokane)

. . . playing guitar and singing without trepidation in groups of musical friends. (Greg Kennedy, SJ, Guelph)

.. . a school filled with 1,300 noisy kids enjoying learning and playing. In-person classes again, .being “too busy,” with no time for lethargy.  These days the Kathmandu Valley is “locked down.”  No public transportation.  No visiting in the local villages, no long afternoon walks up the hill to a few of my favorite wild raspberry patches.  The berries are ready to eat, and I want to get to them. chance for weekday Masses (and good breakfasts) in local convents. And the ability to visit the city and visit friends.  (Bill Robins, SJ ,Nepal)

. . . having family and friends to my home and seeing their happy faces and hearing their joyful voices. What I most enjoy about entertaining is witnessing how much everyone seems to enjoy everybody else, whether they already know each other well or are complete strangers to each other. (Grace Colella, Toronto)

. . . the creation of a new world wide medical institution, whose sole responsibility will be to search for, and to co-ordinate the world’s energy to prevent further pandemics .” (Richard Grover,  Winnipeg)

. . . spending time with family and friends .(Bill Clarke, SJ , Guelph)

. . . a church full of people; to stand right next to others in a line for ice cream at Sargent Sundae, to go to a movie theatre. (Frank Obrigewitsch, SJ, Winnipeg)Source: stock.com

. . .  .. The same things I have always looked forward to each day; training my body, freeing my mind, never playing favourites. (Eliza Randal, The Maritimes)

. . .  eating the crispy fish tacos with lime and cilantro at Syl’s Neighbourhood Grill in North Bay, Ontario. With a dollop of their specialty homemade salsa on the side. They are the most delicious things, ever!” (I would say “to die for!” but writers are not supposed to use cliches in their writing!) (Mary Hansen, North  Bay)

. . . .To have friends over again for a barbecue; To be able to do a road trip again ; To choose between a Zoom meeting and an in-person meeting; To going back to my preferred gym again; To breathing again freely and not seeing others anymore as potential threats to my well-being.(Dodzi Amenado, Ottawa)

. . . a return of carefree freedom  (Joe Schner, SJ, Toronto)


You are most welcome to go to the Comments section and list your own response.

  • Peter Bisson
    Posted at 08:01h, 17 May Reply

    Thank you admin!

  • Maria Skarzynski
    Posted at 11:57h, 21 May Reply

    To go to our neighborhood coffee shop and sit and watch the moms and kids, the elders, and whoever happens to be there. To talk with those who wish to talk or just enjoy my coffee.

  • Peter LeBlanc
    Posted at 22:51h, 24 May Reply

    To visit anyone anywhere at any time – and vice versa.

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