Caring for Our Common Home

When the Jesuits arrived in Port Royal, Nova Scotia in May of 1611 they wrote back to France with news of their life and work in what was then called New France.. These widely read letters became known as The Relations and were published between 1632 and 1673.  The Canadian Jesuit blog – – has, over the past seven years, continued this tradition.

Canadian Jesuits is a magazine intended as an introduction to the works of present day Jesuits and their collaborators. The latest issue begins with a quote from Saint Bonaventure and continues with a reporting on some of the works of the Canadian Jesuits.  The following is the introduction to this issue written by José Antonio Sánchez Director of communications:

“Let us place our first step in the ascent at the bottom, presenting to ourselves the whole material world as a mirror through which we may pass over to God, the supreme [Artisan] “ — Saint Bonaventure (1221–1274)

“This edition of Canadian Jesuits focuses on one of the most urgent calls facing humanity and creation: caring for our Common Home. It is no secret that our planet is facing a climate emergency. The most reputable scientific organizations agree that human activity is causing profound and systemic environmental damage that threatens our existence

And this environmental crisis is particularly affecting the poorest and most vulnerable. Christians and all people of good will are called to act urgently. We’re in need of an ecological conversion if we are to be honest custodians of this wonderful planet and avoid its destruction.

We can still change the course of history. We Jesuits and colleagues do not ignore this cry of suffering from creation. In fact, it is part of our four Universal Apostolic Preferences, which orient our efforts for the next ten years.

Our social centres, such as the Centre Justice et Foi, study the structural causes of the emergency, collaborating with schools, universities, and others who share our concerns to promote fundamental solutions.

Our educational institutions, such as the University of Sudbury and Regis College, and those who work in them, seek to ensure that the younger generation is informed, aware, and able to incorporate this issue with their faith.

And, perhaps most fundamentally, spiritual and pastoral centres, parishes, and chaplaincies seek to work together to emphasise awareness of God’s call to love all that is sacred. But, of course, we cannot do this alone.

The climate emergency is global and systemic and therefore requires us to join forces with those who influence change in these structures. In this issue we not only highlight the efforts we lead as the Society of Jesus, but we also highlight the ways in which we collaborate with other drivers of change.

We provide concrete examples of how Jesuits in Canada are working and cooperating with others in this regard. Our hope is that the stories shared in these pages will inspire those who feel inclined to participate, to join, with Gospel depth, in this mission of reconciliation and resurrection in our common home.”


The current issue of Canadian Jesuits may be found here:

For more information  contact José Antonio Sánchez Director of communications, at 514-387-2541,

  • Peter Bisson
    Posted at 11:41h, 05 February Reply

    Thank you John!

  • Margaret Powell
    Posted at 13:49h, 05 February Reply

    How can you order a copy of the magazine?

  • Max Oliva
    Posted at 18:20h, 05 February Reply

    How can a layperson access the magazine?

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