Colten Biro, SJ

"Currently missioned to become a Cardinals fan (and to study) in Saint Louis, Colten is originally from cajun country in southern Louisiana. He met the Jesuits at Spring Hill College where he studied political science and English. Before becoming a Jesuit, Colten spent a year in law school and a year teaching at an all-girls school, the Academy of the Sacred Heart. He loves a good story—whether in people’s experiences, novels, or movies. Besides running, reading, and movies, Colten finds time (or loses it, rather) feeding his unholy addiction to coffee."

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    "If you saw Avengers: Infinity War, you probably left the theater wondering: How will the heroes win in the end? How will they defeat Thanos? What will happen in Avengers 4?"...

    "A perfectly misguided lesson plan, ruined by the realities of students. Colten Biro, SJ, reflects on how his students’ stories made things real." Reposted with permission from The Jesuit Post....

    "What do we do with the takeoffs and landings of stress in our lives? Colten Biro, SJ, looks back at a recent flight and the example of children." Reposted with permission from The Jesuit Post (

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