Choosing a Topic on Which to Write


It is always difficult to choose a topic on which to write. There are so many things that pop into my head; I pause and think, maybe this will be one I can write 1 000 words on, but often it’s not the case.

As most of you know, my specialty is politics and certain confessions as a gay Catholic. There are many topics I would want to explore in these two realms. The one I think that would be best is one that has been concerning me for quite some time now.

I have been watching Europe, specifically Catholic continental Europe, with much concern over the past few years with the change in political moods. Therefore, the article I would like to write is fairly simple in topic lines: What is happening to Catholic Europe?

As we all know, the world is undergoing a significant change right now. The pressure of the multiple refugee and migrant crises have altered our Western politics and attitudes toward people from other countries. This pressure is turning European politics in Catholic countries toward conservative populism and politics that want to shut people out and build walls.

This desire juxtaposes itself with the message of Pope Francis and ultimately the Gospel message of welcoming the stranger.

Each country is different of course, but what does unite them is their Catholic heritage and the sharp rightward shift we have witnessed in recent years. I would talk briefly of the changes occurring in France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, and Spain. All of these countries have a history with fascism and/or Nazism in the past 100 years — naturally, the French case is slightly different than the others.

In comparing these countries, perhaps we can discover a route back to the Gospel and Papal messages that welcome refugees and build bridges rather than turning our backs on those who are suffering. The main challenge, as with most things, will be keeping to the word limit! I hope that this will provide some food for thought.

Luke Gilmore is an Alumnus of Campion College, the University of Regina., and is a political scientist..

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