A Reason to Celebrate – The Silver Jubilee of St. Xavier’s College

Courtesy of sxcmb.blogspot.caOn May 3, 2013, St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar, Nepal, was filled with joy and gratitude as it inaugurated its Silver Jubilee year by installing and blessing a statue of St. Francis Xavier, the patron of the college. The long awaited inauguration was witnessed by the joyful faces of the 3,000 students who gathered on the lawn of the college.

The auspicious event started off with prayer songs and then a speech by the principal, Fr. Augustine Thomas, S.J. welcoming our chief guest Fr. Regional Superior of the Nepal Jesuits, Fr. Boniface Tigga, S.J. and our guest of honor Mr. Adrian Pradhan.  Staffs, students, and alumni were present to celebrate this milestone in St. Xavier’s college history.   Fr. Thomas expressed his gratitude to  founders Fr. Charlie Law and Fr. Jean Watrin who dreamt of providing quality higher education with Jesuit values in Nepal. He also congratulated principals, vice-principals, staffs and collaborators that have helped St. Xavier’s college and encouraged the college to strive for excellence.Courtesy of goalnepal.com

While commending the hard work and success that was brought about by past and present fathers of St. Xavier’s college, Fr. Tigga emphasized the importance pushing boundaries and frontiers of education to become even more successful in the future. He left us with numerous inspiration quotes on leadership and encouraged us to practice Xavierian values in our lives.

Besides speeches the inauguration day had several musical presentations. The event’s guest of honor, Adrian Pradhan entertained everyone present with his lively acoustic music. Adrian Pradhan’s  graceful singing and benevolent nature cheered the young crowd all the more. The talented student of St. Xavier’s performed a heart moving prayer songs and instrumentals to add to the beauty of the inauguration ceremony 

See Photo Cpation #1 at the end of the article. Courtesy of Bill Robins, SJThe Jubilee committee coordinator, Mr. Sudhakar Pant unveiled the Jubilee year celebration plans. Mr. Pant mentioned that St. Xavier’s college will be making the jubilee celebration a grand one, marked by various sport competition, academic and cultural talents shows and competitions, college Mela, full length dramas and a youth conference in this year. To start with, the college is holding an exhibition and sale of products made by the inmates of central jail on this Saturday from 10am to 5 pm in the college, whose earnings will be donated to families of inmates. The program ended with hearty thanks giving of the Vice Principal, Fr. Vijay Toppo, S.J.

The college practices values in keeping with the Jesuit tradition of delivering excellent education and service. It was established to foster a passion for excellence and develop competent individuals.  The college also seeks to help students become innovative and not be afraid to take risks; ensure that students do not shy away from challenges and most importantly, create leaders who serve society.

The college fosters competence, confidence, compassion and innovation among students by allowing them to engage in intellectual discussions and in various co curricular activities.  The college has ingrained the value of the importance of service among its students who have become well known for their efforts to help bring about change in society.Courtesy of Bill Robins, SJ

The silver jubilee is a celebration of the effectiveness of the college and serves as a further inspiration to continue working on providing quality education that not only creates thinkers and future leaders but sensible, responsible and thoughtful young adults who have a purpose in life – to serve society in their own ways and make a difference! 


Photo Caption #1:  

Fr. Augustine Thomas, S.J., St. Xavier's College Principal; Mr. Adrien Pradhan, Catholic parishioner and popular folk singer who performed on the day; Fr. Vijaya Toppo, S.J., College Assistant Principal (holding the camera)[ Mr. Upendra Shrestha; Fr. Boniface Tigga, S.J., Regional Superior, Nepal Jesuits.

Bill Robins, SJ, is Socius to the Regional Superior of Nepal, and superior at Kamai Niwas Jesuit Training Center in Kathmandu.

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