• "Laws used to somewhat reflect what is healthy or moral. Not anymore. The government endorsement of the personal use of cannabis, effective this October 17, will not magically make its consumption safe or moral."

  • "What the bereaved persons need to do is name their feelings and accept them. , , , What the friends, the mourners can do is help them to name and accept those feelings, provide social comfort, and share their belief (if such is the case) in various sorts of spiritual consolation. "

  • "I am here on serious business today. I am here to warn you all of a great threat to us. A threat to our way of life. A treat to the ease and comfort in which we live. A threat to the personal security that we so often take for granted."

  • "When the Congregation for the Causes of Saints recommends to the Pope a decree of heroic virtue, this means that a Servant of God lived a life of profound union with God and fidelity to Church teaching."

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