• In "Reupholstered Psalms", Greg Kennedy offers us 50 psalms “sung new” that speak to our species, intolerance… and the list goes on. The substance and structure – the bones – of the original works remain, but the outer appearance has been transformed. Like the originals, they are meant to challenge

  • Magis "is about a resolute determination never to settle for less, and to see obstacles not as barriers but new opportunities."

  • "But a bigger part of me is very happy with this multifaceted film that explores issues of a Church of ideas and a Church of people (or dogma versus social gospel), and of the possibility of civil discourse in our fractured times"

  • "Of course, forgiving does not mean forgetting, which would only multiply the folly. It does mean, however, that throwing stones in the greenhouse we now inhabit is probably not the most prudent way to lower its temperature."

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