• "When arriving in our Western countries, refugee claimants ask for our help.  We don’t want to give our help because we will have to invest time and money.  It is time to really look in the mirror and admit it:  We are selfish."

  • In the eyes of the world, I probably look like I’ve received more than enough: I work as an executive for a technology firm in Toronto, live a comfortable life, own properties, I’m surrounded by a supportive group of friends, and volunteer part-time for my local parish. To some, this might seem like

  • "They must take a page out of the conservative playbook and constantly without end be out there convincing people that a globalised world is better for them, that immigration is the best thing for the country, and that just because the country’s demographics are changing on religious and ethnic line

  • "When I look over my  brief little life, there are a few moments that stand out for me.  In my life, these moments were religious moments of encounter.  When I fell into a space, where the divine seemed to open up just a bit more."

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