• On July 31, 2018, Fr. Erik Oland, Sj will beome the first Provincial of the new Canada Province. This post - written for the Jesuits.org web site and reprinted here with permission - was written when he was Provincial of the Jesuits in French Canada.

  • Today’s post is an English translation of an article published in JÉSUITES CANADIENS 2018. The article was both written and translated by Pierre Bélanger, SJ

  • As the Jesuit in Canada Province is formed, we are reminded that " . . . we remain to a great extent two solitudes. The cultural and historical divide is deep and not easily bridged."

  • "In July 2018, for the first time in more than ninety years, there will be a single and bilingual Canadian Jesuit province. To prepare for this historic occasion, it is helpful to reflect on current Jesuit activities in Canada and Haiti, which will be part of the new province."

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