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The Nativity ofJohn the Baptist

JB: proto-hippie
way back
to the land

first-come local foodie
first-serving wild-crafted honey
and free-range locusts
hot stuff in non-sweatshop
ethically sourced dromedary apparel

he's a Huck Finn friend of rivers
he's a John Muir man of mountains
as thorough as Thoreau
in his wilderness meditations

forerunning, forethinking
forever pushing change
down to simple earth
from complex clouds
he's taken the pulse of the nation
and hears its heart murmur
his fire and brimstone don't miss a beat

he's big
gone viral
head of the hit parade
marching with blasting brass into the Jordan

but now he's winding down
getting smaller
making room for brighter sun
JB: you must've seen him
if you haven't
take a look
before he's gone.