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Only You

I tiptoe gently
into the forgotten yesterdays
of my life,
and find you
enveloped in mystery
like a city
lost in the fog of uncertainty
waiting for the sunlight
to scatter the shadows.

I knew you once
as only a child knows
wondering, waiting
for morning to be born,
and then much later
I arrived at your doorstep,
and you invited me
into the symphony
of sharing
the agony and the ecstasy
of life’s journey
so trying and so exhilarating,
for between each
sunrise and sunset
lies the day
that the Lord has made,
and we are called
to rejoice
and be glad in it.

In the spirituality of waiting
I grew up
and saw another you,
touched by life’s wounds
healed by God’s love,
and now know without a doubt
that we are kindred spirits
You and I.

For Bob, my friend and my uncle