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A New Day Dawns

Tarnished tinsel loosely wrapped around
a tired Christmas tree
sits forlorn on a snowy mound
waiting to be picked up
and carelessly thrown
on a travelling garbage heap.

Was it only twenty four hours ago
when it sparkled
with colored lights
twinkling on and off
listening to carolling voices
drunk on eggnog
and half asleep in turkey stupor?

Those fireside stories
kept rolling along from
old to young
midst loud laughter
softening to nostalgia
and gently falling tear drops.

The tree shivered in the cold air
longing for the warmth
of family and friends
cheering with crystal stemware
cracking nuts and jokes
in good humor.

Forgotten and fading fast
in frigid air
it felt abandoned,
till a sudden burst of sunlight
peeped through floating clouds
to revive its lifeless limbs.

You really love me,
whispered the bent branches
caressed by the breath of God,
moving from post-holiday lethargy
to a rosy horizon of possibilities.