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Innocence Reborn

The ordinary becomes extraordinary
as little children line up
in unadulterated joy
to meet Jesus
whose welcoming gaze
draws them into a
loving, trusting intimacy.

Light streams through the windows
resting on
subdued hues of green and grey
stretched into browns
brightened by shaded orange tiles
as awkward parents stand by
in a tangle of tired thoughts.

A blend of Realism and Impressionism
splashes onto the canvas
of a relatively modern interpretation
of Scripture,
focusing on the connection
of an outstretched holy hand         
locking with a child’s fingers.

An aura of simplicity
envelops the little girl
magnetically drawn to Christ’s touch.

The scene of painted oils
invites me to shed the coat of adulthood
and emulate the young ones,
for to such as these
does the kingdom of heaven belong.

I am born once again
in new found innocence.

(Visio Divina of Fritz von Uhde’s 1884 painting, “Let the Children Come to Me” 
based on (Mark 10:13-16) in the Art Museum in Leipzig, Germany.)