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If Only

If only                                                                                                                  Viola Athaide
rings in echoes through life’s landscape
big and small regrets
whining loud and clear
now slowly trailing to a whimper.

The past flashes by in lost moments
of climbing hairpin turns
and spinning downward
in frayed feelings
like faded ribbons of yester year.

If only
we could escape
stumbling into ruts of dogged darkness
the quiet teardrops of felt pain,
carefully walking forward
avoiding glossy wrapped distractions.

Life is so full of ‘if-only’ for all
seeking to drop the heavy burden
of wallowing negativity
moving to new horizons
being thankful for simple acts of kindness.

I cast aside those wasted thoughts
of words left unsaid and deeds undone.
Regrets are really pointless emotions
rolling on a tide of disappointment.
The lessons learned are luminous.

Whispers of hope fill the air
once overcast with stale clouds,
for the Almighty has raised me up*
on eagle’s wings
made me to shine like the sun
and holds me in the palm of his hand.

* Reference to Psalm 91