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Lost and Found! (revised)

It was late evening of Monday, July 12. I was walking on the road from Manresa toward the main entrance. As I got near the entrance I looked attentively to the left at the wrought iron fence. I noticed that the fence seemed to be disappearing into a rather tall cedar hedge.

That seemed strange and I walked up to the fence.  As I got closer I saw that the top of the fence was sloped. At that moment I became curious and pulled back the cedar branches, only to discover what I was seeing was not a part of the fence but one half of a gate.

Eureka! I had found one half of the original IHS entrance gate to Manresa. It had been hidden and not seen for 25 years!  

The IHS in the Jesuit Monogram/Seal is the first three letters of the name of Jesus in Greek: IHSous. It was a sign that companions of Jesus lived and/or worked here. They were to be companions to each other and companions to those they served by accompanying them in the events of their lives.