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Freedom of Resurrection

Restricted, we all have been. 
Restricted, we still are for the sake of public health.
Nevertheless, in these restrictions, could lie a gift of humility
And a sense of freedom similar to the Resurrection.

Not being able to enjoy freedom in many ways
The restrictions challenged my ego
And yet brought a refreshing sense of humility
A sense of freedom in accepting what cannot be changed.

This humble acceptance has something in common with the Resurrection
As it frees us from the tomb of our self-centeredness
And gets us to care and try to connect more with others
While being able to share joy and hope with those in need.

As the Resurrected Jesus became more accessible to the world
So would we be more available and sensitive to others
As we endeavour to free ourselves
From the grave of our own worries, doubts and busy-ness.

Like the imposed restrictions
Any unwanted situation
Could free us and provide the kind of self-emptiness
That leads to the freedom of Resurrection.