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Easter with Ecclesiastes 

same old buzz in the speakers 
in the “news” 
in the fly wings 
bashing against the closed, sadist window 
in the head of the question monger 
circling a negative feedback loop 

that drives her/him/they 
(choose your pronoun) loopy 
in the endless ocean 
as captured by the conch shell  
in the mouths of gossips 
who suck hard candy scandal 
to sweeten a deathly breath 

same old buzz 
same old news 
same old wind  
chased by crippled homespun 
kites that never really catch flight 

same old Sunday morning 
of mornings 
exploded with sudden springtime freshness 
a born again savior 
like never before 

so put that in your pipe and smoke it 
all you workaholic addicts of monotony 
it might just blow your mind 
or at very least the buzz 
that fills it.