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A Puzzling Painting

He seems to stare sadly at Thomas
strangely absent in the picture
yet vitally aware of
the resurrected Christ
loosely draped in blue.

In the pale light of encounter
His eyes search for a response
piercing unfathomable depths
a tangle of thoughts
swaying in hesitation.
A face full of sympathy
and untold understanding
speaks in silence
feeling the force of loving presence.

Jesus’ wounded, stretched hand
invites him who cries out
in divine recognition
“My Lord, and my God.”

Drenched in compassion
He looks straight ahead
and a tide of shame washes over me
for I too am riddled with doubt.

Captured again and again
by a forgiving love
I choke in the shadows,
for belief is a process
and part of me has fallen asleep.

Truth rushes
in the middle of my
fragmented thought,
as the artist of life
tenderly touches my landscape
and the words stumble out in awe
“My God, and my All!”

Visio Divina (holy looking) of Andrei Mironov’s painting “The Unbelief of St. Thomas