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In Praise of Aging and Passing

There is as much glory in the fall leaves,
As there is in the spring blossoms.
Thank you for the beautiful colors in nature,
And the different hues in my life.
When my eyesight grows dim,
  You have shown me how to see
    the pattern rather than the details.
When my hearing starts to fail,
  You have taught me how to listen with my heart.
When my voice sounds weak and hoarse,
 You have led me to discover that
  there is more strength in gentle whispers.
When my hands become unsteady,
  You have reminded me
   how I have never functioned without you.
When my joints begin to hurt,
   You are telling me to slow down.
When my skin wrinkles and sags,
  You have made me appreciate
   the lovely forms you created in every stage of life.
When those close to me start leaving one by one,
  You have dawn me closer to your wounded-self.
When my memory deteriorates,
 I know that Life with you is easy when I forget trifles.
When I can’t keep up with the recent advances in knowledge,
  I know deep down that your Truth is simple and lasting.
Lord, you close a door and open a window.
  When the time comes for you to close all the doors,
  You will have opened the Way to your perfect love.
No more doubts, discernment or decisions,
  But instant, free and total communion.
Until then, please accept my imperfect love.

Many years ago, the poet gave this prose prayer to one of her pastors.
Inside the card she had painted the painting shown here. 
In early 2020, he showed that card and painting to her. 
He had kept it through many postings and into retirement.