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Give Me a Drink

Water pot in hand
her solitary walk
took her to Jacob’s well
that hot, sultry noon hour
longing to quench her thirst.

Surprised by a mysterious Jewish man
asking for a drink
her cautious, deceptive answers
hung in the dry, dusty air.

What did he want of her
a Samaritan woman with a checkered past?
Compelling conversation brought
mercy in its wake
and she was forever transformed.

Knowing well her thirst,
He now offered her living water
washing away guilt and shame
with his loving presence.

Abandoning her jar
her running steps brought others
rushing to her Messiah and theirs
a new source of life
and unending love.

Divine compassion gently touched her
open to the Spirit hovering over.

He thirsts for us too
in those quiet moments of oneness
when life’s demands are put aside
to just sit with God.

I offer Jesus the “drink” he requests
by delighting him in silent prayer
believing that in the exchange
I receive the water “gushing up to eternal life.” (John 4:14)