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A Snowball Fight with Jesus

Have you ever had a snowball fight with Jesus?  I have not, but apparently it is a lot of fun according to my 8-year-old daughter Clara.

The other day, we were sharing stories about Jesus.  Her story was about having winter fun with Jesus.  She described how she went skating with him, made a snowman, played adventure games and had a snowball fight with him.

I was impressed with the detail of her descriptions but even more about the simplicity of her time spent with Jesus.

Her story reminded me of another way of spending time with Jesus.  Without really realizing it, I mostly think of Jesus as this disembodied spirit that I pray to.  I pray in thanksgiving for the graces that I receive; I pray for strength to face life’s challenges; I pray for others who need healing; I pray for peace in the world.  But none of those things are just plain old fun!

I think Clara is onto something.  There is a wisdom there that we are not accustomed to.  She integrates Jesus in all aspects of her life.  She invites him to play with her; and He does.  I guess Jesus is that kind of guy who accompanies us wherever we go.  We just have to invite him.

Sorry, I have to go now.  I have a snowball fight date with Jesus.