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Soothing Solitude

I shut the door of musts and oughts
and slip into solitude.
Struggling with self,
I choose to enjoy
diving deep into a richness
of inner tranquility.

Crippling staccato noise
jars the creative flow
starving for the cadence of
uninterrupted silence
weaving threads of thoughts
into a wholesome wholeness.

I listen attentively
to the subtle sounds of the Spirit
moving obstinate obstacles
far away
from the path to unity
with the Divine Mystery.

Free from a fractured world
I sip on the springs of spiritual life
hidden in the depths
discovering in the solitude of self
the solitude of God.

Walking on mental and spiritual toes
this dynamic of emptying
helps me explore
venues of solitude
transcending the ordinary
with a new found compassion.

The heart of the Gospel message
rings in ears now attuned
to holy whispers
till I arrive breathless
on the shore of being.