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Borrowed Ashes Lent

What’s your fire, the force 
that empties you to ash?
The options are only two: 
both fear and love consumes; 
it’s up to you to choose. 

The wood of this cross 
goes up in dancing flames 
and after the forest burns 
wildflowers first return 
and seeds of dead trees open. 

Burnt our broken dreams 
and signed upon our foreheads 
to remind us who we’ll be 
when we get to where we left. 

Fire throws its light 
on faces that see faith 
everywhere is everything 
raised an aching offering 
raised on fractured wings. 

Help us wait and pray 
then help us pray to wait, 
for we’re too deadly quick 
to ease the slightest itch 
while deeper wounds go missed. 

At night desert cold 
invades speechless stars 
to this a savior’s sent 
to this the Spirit sends 
to this the world is lent.

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