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Ask a Priest: Are Some People favoured by God from Birth?

Question: “I am confused on an issue.  I remember reading that the actor Danny Thomas prayed to St. Jude making a promise that if he found his niche in life he would build a shrine in honor of St. Jude, hence the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.My question is that as a result of his promise, Danny Thomas became famous and wealthy.  Yet countless other  Catholics are just as devout as  Danny Thomas and are struggling in life to keep a job or just find work to  support themselves.  Are some people just born as say part of the elect that they live a privileged life?  Meaning they are favored by God from birth?”

Source: thefamous people.com


Answer{ Surely no one was more favoured by God than the Virgin Mary who became the mother of the Lord. Luke tells us in his Gospel, the angel of God greeted her with the words “Hail Mary, highly favoured of God”.  To be favoured by God doesn’t mean to be rich and famous.  Jesus would rather say: “Blessed rather are the little and poor and insignificant!”  So also to find one’s “nich” in life means in the “God sense” to accomplish what God has called us to do and to be.  That may well be insignificant and worthless in the world’s eyes.