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I see you sassy, saucy

even haughty

with the Roman soldiers

because virtue must turn to pride

in the winepress

of oppression.


I see you at the protest

in the forest

chained to old-growth crosses

the company wants cut down


I see you gifted, fists lifted

shot in the head

for going to school

under Taliban rule.


I see you wild & mild

and everything in between

according to the need

clever and lover

of truth and fun

and dancing

and soul-sounding

prayer when the music

turns to silence

in the winepress of existence.


I see you beautiful, bold,

embodied in colors

and sandals that laugh

out loud with living

saying yes and no

as the Spirit shows

you which side to call

in the toss of coins

that belong to Caesar.


I see you

and keep looking

for the pictures

they took of me

at the wall

beside you.