Prayers of the People – Epiphany 2


God has blessed us with security and abundance, but we can be complacent and insular.  Let us gather and with a common voice pray to God: Let us be a light to the nations.

Let us pray for our church, our members, and our mission in ministry.  We pray for Bishop Geoff; for our parish’s leadership team; for the united Church of Bangladesh; for the parishes of Bay d’Espoir and Bay de Verde; and for those on our parish cycle of prayer this week.  Holy Spirt, unite us to become champions of hospitality, peace and tolerance.

God of all:                                     Let us be a light to the nations.

During this week of Prayer for Christian Unity, we remember our fellow citizens who helped stranded travellers as did the people of Malta when Paul’s ship wrecked on the island.  We give thanks for them and we are inspired by them.  We pray that we too will show kindness to those who are in need.  May we see your face not only in our own likeness, but in the needs of those we are inclined to ignore.

God of all:                                   Let us be a light to the nations.

Lord, we cannot comprehend the absolute faith John the Baptist and the first disciples had in you.  In our world of doubt and skepticism, we hear your call but do not resolutely follow as they did.  May we have but a sl iver of their confidence in you.

God of all:                                  Let us be a light to the nations.

Iran. North Korea. Venezuela.  Russia.  Lord, political leaders tell us to distrust certain nations but, in the face of tragedy, we see how much we have in common.  Inspire us to be a light to the nations so that we do not wait for tragedy to show empathy with your children who appear different from us.  Lord, may our hearts be open and minds free of judgement.

God of all:                                 Let us be a light to the nations.

 We pray for all those dealing with the cleanup from the blizzard that all will remain safe. We give thanks for those who worked throughout the storm including plow operators, paramedics, police, fire fighters, and hydro workers. We also give thanks for the cooperation and kindness shown by so many in this state of emergency.

God of all:                                Let us be a light to the nations.

We name those we know have need: Doris Cook, Shirley White, Vicki Cheeseman, and Don Randell.  We also name others in need who are close us, either silently or aloud.  Lastly, we remember the nameless in our society who are forgotten or labelled undeserving.  Jesus, as by your example, may we be compassionate to all.

God of all:                                Let us be a light to the nations.

We pray for those who recently died, especially (the lives lost in wild fires and the plane crash in Iran). May we be a light at a time of darkness to those who mourn and fortify their faith in eternal life with you.

God of all:                                Let us be a light to the nations.

You are the light to which the first disciples were drawn and the light the world still needs. Hear our prayers and use us to illuminate the darkness.  Amen

Written by Rick Hibbs, parishioner at St. Mark’s Church.

Rev. Robert Cooke is the priest-in-charge of St. Mark's Anglican Church in St. John's, Newfoundland.

  • Bernard Carroll, SJ
    Posted at 08:29h, 22 February Reply

    Thank you for these heart-felt and faith-filled prayers.

  • Peter Bisson
    Posted at 09:14h, 22 February Reply

    Thank you Robert and Rick!

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