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Seeing Anew

They raced
breathless with anticipation
in the cool morning air.
The narrative was unfolding
with each step
as the trees whispered
in the light wind.

They who slept in the garden
and ran from the rabble rousers
were now wide awake with wonder.
The beloved, younger in years
outstripped the other
and gulped in silence
at the empty tomb.

Time stopped short.
His eyes met linen
gently dropped
in a state of grace.

A speechless question
hung on both their lips
till light exploded
in eyes once dimmed by doubt.

He had risen
as he said,
and the great mystery
now a melody of love
left an imprint
floating between
the visible and the invisible.

The stone that locked me in
moved away
willing me to die to self
as I rose in Easter glory.