Does God Like Me?


My parents when they first arrived to this country had little by way of food and clothing.  They were staying at a shelter with other refugee families as they attempted to figure out how their lives would look here in Canada (if they stayed).

My dad told me that one week they had little by way of food, and so he went out with a friend at 4am to collect food from a local bread factory.

Though my struggles aren’t anything like those of my parents, I too sit back (like I did last Sunday) and wonder whether God likes me too.

This might be a funny question to ask, but I think it’s a natural one.  We struggle, and we suffer, and many of us find ourselves in situations which we simply cannot “solve.”

In these situations, we might ask ourselves to whether we are “cursed” or struck down. We could echo the prophet Jeremiah’s words when he says,

“Have you really cast Judah off? Is Zion loathsome to you? Why have you struck us a blow that cannot be healed? We wait for peace, to no avail; for a time of healing, but terror comes instead.”  (Jeremiah 14;19)

I sat with this question genuinely as I sat in Church.  It came to me during one of the readings how much Christ himself suffered.  How much Christ himself was betrayed, left alone, scourged and beaten and finally nailed to the cross.  His enemies thought he too was abandoned and forsaken by God.

Yet, God the Father loved his Son deeply with a love that cannot be known or understood.  It is this same love which God gives to his prophets, to his Church, and to all those who fear his name.

We can remember then in our times of suffering that God still and always does love us and care for us.  He will come through for us, if we but wait for Him.

Raj Vijayakumar works at the Villa St. Martin in Montreal helping with retreat work

  • Peter Bisson SJ
    Posted at 10:28h, 23 January Reply

    Thank you Raj!

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