Hometown Memories

Memories can make you sad or very glad.

This morning I looked out the window of my apartment and remembered that I lived on this same street twice before; over sixty years ago. It was a short stay as we had returned to our hometown while my father was between his store management places.

He was a retail store specialist who could take an empty shell of a building, hire staff, order inventory and create another junior department store in a matter of months. His company burned him out after sixteen years, but our family had quite an adventure during that time.

The memory of staying with an aunt for a month or so, across the road and down the street from where I currently live gave me insight that we can never be sure of where life will take us. We had already lived two blocks west of here a few years earlier. Now for the third time, here I am, happily back on this same street.

The beautiful mystery of life is that we do not know the details about tomorrow. Some people are so curious and determined to find out what is coming that they consult their horoscopes daily and visit fortune tellers and tarot card readers thinking that they will get the answers about their future. Unfortunately, if the predictions carry sad stories, all these ‘future’ seekers will discover is that they have more to worry about now.

Putting our future into God’s hands is the solution to inner peace. No matter what tomorrow brings we should accept it with grace. Our Lady is a great source of that divine grace and her friendship always brings us into a closer relationship with her Son Jesus.

As I recall this time in my life, I thank God for all the beautiful moments in between. I guess that is a part of growing older; remembering the times that have gone before. They are not all pleasant but they are all worthy of remembering.

There have been days of great sorrow saying good-bye to loved ones, but opening one’s heart to the grace of God helps us to walk through that valley of the shadow of death. We must never fear; we must not give up hope. God’s loving guidance is closer to us during these difficult moments and the mantle of Our Lady can envelope us, protect us and soothe the pain in our hearts until we have healed.

I often wonder how people who have no faith get through the dark days of their lives.

We should keep our eyes and ears open to the needs of those who are struggling with despair and doubt. God often puts people in our paths so that we can encourage them on their journey.

What a blessing it is to hear a new acquaintance say: “Thank you for sharing your story with me. I feel so much better. I am sure we were supposed to meet today. You have helped me so much.”

Yes, we have a responsibility as caring Christians to be a bearer of the good news of Christ’s love for all of us.  The joy of sharing our faith always reminds us of the blessings God has given to our own lives.


Joan Levy Earle is an author and artist living in Cornwall, Ontario. She is the former Associate Editor of the Canadian Messenger of the Sacred Heart magazine.

  • Peter Bisson
    Posted at 03:31h, 23 October Reply

    Thank you Joan!

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