Lessons in Power: Shazam!

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            The newest installment in the DC universe tells the story of young 14 year old Billy Batson who is searching to find the stability and support he didn’t have growing up.  He is a foster child running from home to home,  breaking the law, as he searches for his mother. 

            Justaposed against Billy is his enemy Dr. Thaddeus, who being told by his father and brother that he is not good enough, seeks with urgency for the rest of his life, the power that can help him overcome his own sense of inferiority. 

            It is always interesting to note how power is represented and found by these two dualistic forces  (Spoilers ahead!).  Dr. Thaddeus finds his power through destruction.  He comes into his own and seeks revenge against his father and brother by taking into himself the darker forces of his own spirit.  He allows himself to be motivated by his own drive to destruction

            Yet the young protagonist finds his power elsewhere.  Billy Batson finds power by relying on those most closest to him, and allowing them to be with him in his time of suffering.  What’s more, rather than hoarding over others the power that he has as the good Doctor does, young Billy eventually will share his power with his family, allowing all of them together to overcome the power of the evil one. 

            It is a beautiful thing to look at power with these eyes.  To see that our strength lies in being shared with others.  Moreover to grasp that the more stronger we become, the more we can entrust ourselves to others in mutual relationship.  

Raj Vijayakumar is currently residing in Toronto and working as an assistant for L’Arche Canada.

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