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Yonge and Dundas

 I was walking south on Yonge street and came to Dundas. It was night and a multitude of people were crisscrossing the intersection, north and south and diagonally as the lights permit.

Jesus stood tall and slim in a glistening white robe above and among the people. He was smiling and pouring out his love on everyone. I could feel its warmth.

  I thought “Be careful Jesus, don’t you know that some of us are in a state of sin?” He ignored my thought and kept smiling and pouring out his love to everyone, .oblivious to whether we were worthy of it.

I then realized that Jesus loves everyone, in a state of sin or not. It was a very freeing thought. And it came to me that Jesus loves loving. He loves loving. He loves and loves and loves. He is Loving. It is his Being.

It was a dream of course. And its reality lives on.