Alita Battle Angel – A Film Review


Sometimes you just want to watch a movie with your dad.  Perhaps not all the time, but once in a while “catch a flick,” enjoy some popcorn, and watch something mindless.  However, sometimes life, or RRSP season can get in the way, and other more important things take priority.

It was while I was walking home one day, passing a movie theatre, that I felt something inside me nudge me to go and watch the movie.  So not withstanding the one rule I had about watching a movie alone, I meekly bought a ticket, and sat and watched Alita.

The film tells the story of young Alita, a cyborg who is searching for her identity and her true home.  Add in swords, roller derby like chase scenes, and CGI battles and you will see why the film has already soared over $350 million worldwide.

An interesting element in the film I found was this floating city in the sky called Zalem.  All the people on the ground are fighting “tooth and nail” to get there.  Everyone wants to go and is willing to sell their soul in the process to go.

The main character however, begins to wonder, and see that maybe she doesn’t need to be “up there” in the magical city on top of everything.  Maybe there are beautiful things, right here, beside her that she must hold onto.  It is the heart, which begins to lead the main character allowing her to see beyond the ideologies governing the people around her.

The heart is a beautiful thing. Beyond the systems we’ve set up, beyond the need to be approved of and sought after, there is still the heart.  The heart which leads us to the things in life which are truly valuable and important.  It is the head in many ways, which sets up all these fake castles in the sky, and compulsively makes us go after them.

If I could take one lesson from Alita, it would be to become more aware of how often and at so many times my heart is actually at odds with my head.  Yet, thank God, that the heart is still there, beating underneath the surface, and reminding me and us of what is truly important.

Raj Vijayakumar is currently residing in Toronto and working as an assistant for L’Arche Canada.

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