“A Quiet Place” – A Review

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The film tells the story of a family living quietly to themselves on a farm struggling to get by.  The struggle comes from the fact that it is the year 2020, and aliens have landed who are hunting any human being or animal who makes a sound beyond that of a pin drop.

Humanity is on the brink of extinction, and it is up to the few remaining survivors to live quietly in the hopes of survival.

Now then, here is one of those films, laced with depth and meaning, which can easily pass us by if we are not attentive.  I would like to reflect on the presence of both silence and noise within the film.

As I was watching the film, I was reminded of the verse from the psalm “I have kept my soul in peace and in silence” (Psalm 131:2).  Indeed, trying to maintain silence in today’s world seems foolish.

Advertisers clamor for your attention.  Many are searching to be the next big “Youtube” sensation.  Our events and activities are always clamoring for more noise and more excitement.  Yet, these are perhaps part of the false messages that we have been fed.

Returning to the film, when we see the father, we see that it is the quiet individual, the one who does his duty, day in and day out, who is the truly strong one.

Here, the truly important values like family, community, responsibility begin to take on greater clarity as the film progresses.

Yet, the film rightly points out that life is noisy.  Having a child in an environment where the smallest pin drop can bring death seems foolish.  To many of the young people today, to have a child that is costly, that affects one’s ability to go on vacation, or get ahead in one’s career, seems equally foolish.

But, life is more than the food we eat, and the clothing we wear (Luke 12:23).  To be creative, to have “kids” is noisy (as any mother would tell you) but ultimately it is a good and beautiful thing in itself.

Moreover, in the pursuit of life, sometimes we must make noise.  Sometimes to protect those we love, we must speak up and endure the thrashing of those who do not see things the same way.

Sometimes to speak up for life, involves losing relationships, missing a promotion, being labeled, or even giving up our life.  Yet, for the sake of life, the film shows, we must be willing to sacrifice everything.

The Quiet Place is a beautiful film which tells the story of a family seeking to be quiet, while the noisiness of life creeps in.  Let us also learn these valuable lessons, of learning to be quiet, while always speaking up in the promotion of life.


Raj Vijayakumar is currently residing in Toronto and working as an assistant for L’Arche Canada.

  • Peter Bisson, SJ
    Posted at 01:14h, 08 February Reply

    Thank you Raj!

  • David Shulist, SJ
    Posted at 18:58h, 09 March Reply

    Thank you so much for this reflection. It requires that astute attention to know when noise is purposeful and silence equally so. We have to be disposed and free to offer both when either is needed.

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