Is My Offline Life better than My Online One?


The other day I was going through facebook. I’d like an image here, put a sad face next to another. I commented on how I agreed with one posting, and then I blocked the posting of another person. I posted a thought, which received a few likes. I made a ran, which got a few angry faces. Then I wondered, is my offline life better than my online?

When I reflect on my life off-line, I noticed that I generally like the people I interact with. In the morning, I will reflect and discuss with students the interesting and thought-provoking things that happened in the life of Jesus. In the afternoon I will get caught up with Grade 11s on ideas of truth and reality. Does anything really exist?

As I’m walking up the stairs one student tells me about their love for hockey. As I leave the parking lot, I can wish a good day to a teacher that I haven’t seen in a while.

It was then that it hit me –  my offline  life is way more stimulating than my online. But is that a bad thing??

It’s a crazy world we live in, where the question even comes up. But perhaps that is the new world we live in. I take a picture and immediately think of posting it.

I forget that the quality of my relationships online does not equal the quality of my relations offline. I will try not to slip into the world, which tries to create a better self online totally void of the reality of who I am offline.


Raj Vijayakumar is currently residing in Toronto and working as an assistant for L’Arche Canada.

  • Patrick Burns
    Posted at 01:41h, 30 June Reply

    Of course, I was required to use a device to read your thoughtful note …

  • Peter Bisson, SJ
    Posted at 17:46h, 30 June Reply

    Thank you Raj!

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