Public Ministry


Dawn again.

This is yesterday repeated- unprecedented,

another blush of rose

around the crease

where sky (TAB A) doesn’t tire

of fitting into earth (SLOT B);

never tires but always questions

whether this, indeed, is how it goes.


At thirty years

it’s time to start,

just as it was and also wasn’t

at twelve, at five:

Get out there.

Stand up tall.

Make a difference.

Save the world.

He had some ideas

that seem less show-stopping

now that he’s packing up.

He’ll have to rely on the

double assurance

that all has been said before

although never quite yet fully spoken.


Before he goes he’ll kiss his mother

pet the cat

and turn these rooms

into Gospel truths

that will not make the final draft.

Greg Kennedy, SJ is assigned to the spiritual exercises ministry at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph, Ontario.

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