If God Worked At McDonalds . . .

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Today I was sitting in a McDonalds enjoying a coffee and a random idea came to me. I wondered to myself, if I were the owner of this little food chain, and God was an employee of mine, where would he be?

Funny question I think.  Furthermore, after we get over the narcissism of thinking God works for you, then I think some interesting ideas can come out of this thought experiment.

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My first guess would be at the cashier. God would be the one to greet people as they came in offering them a smile.  God would be the one to listen to what the other person would like, and then make sure the customer received his or her order.  The cashier would also be the one having to deal with the many “highs and lows” of the customer.

Or maybe God would be the cook.  The cook working behind the scenes taking the food, preparing it, keeping the fire of the stove on so to speak.  Such a God would steadily work making the food that is the lifeblood of the chain.  This kind of God works behind the scenes, is for most part unnoticed by costumers.


Or perhaps God would be the manager.  He would be that young man or woman working with and along-side all the other employees.  He would be a great organizer making sure all the other employees were doing their part.  He would jump in whenever he was needed or things got “hectic.” Finally, he would also provide breaks to employees who were feeling too tired.

Or maybe I’ve got it all wrong.  Maybe God has to be the owner.  The one who is never really seen, but whose presence is felt in the culture, in the morale, and in the people hired.  Maybe God would be the one who would be set up the restaurant, made sure everything was in place, and then hired out a bunch of “know it all” teens to try and keep things together.

This article is a farce.  But I think it refers me back to how I view the little enterprise that is my own mind.  Is God mostly felt in the outer stages, that is when I first meet and greet people? I do think God can be felt simply in our salutation toward the other.  Or perhaps God is the “cook.” The quiet unseen worker bringing forth life in the hidden parts of our being.

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I like the idea of God being a manager working along-side me helping when I am feeling tired or restless.  But perhaps it is best if God is always the owner.  The one whose presence is felt but not always seen.  The kind of owner is the who is responsible for setting the rhythm, tone and culture of a workplace.  With God as the owner of our minds, the one truly at the center, perhaps we too could serve the world a billion times over. 🙂

Raj Vijayakumar is currently residing in Toronto and working as an assistant for L’Arche Canada.

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