Bundle Up Winnipeg: Students Care

Winnipeg experiences some of the harshest winters in Canada, with temperatures often descending to -30º Celsius. My face hurts every morning during the walk from my car to the front door. While most of the city evades the cold by staying inside, this is not an option for all.

Riley Sierhuis

As volunteers at the Immaculate Conception Soup Kitchen, my friend Matt Major and I witnessed numerous people who were susceptible to being stuck outside and having to suffer amidst the fierce cold. In past winters, many people have lost their extremities, and some their lives.

My friend and I decided to do something to address the problem by purchasing old jackets that we distributed downtown.  After doing so we were inspired to help homeless and impoverished people on a larger scale, creating the project Bundle Up Winnipeg to do so.

Matt Major

The project’s main focus was centered on a clothing drive during our school’s mission week in which students could donate gently used outdoor wear in addition to newly purchased thermal socks and underwear. Matt and I were blown away by the school’s response.

The amount of donations we received was overwhelming and inspiring. With the assistance of the Maroon and White Society, Ms. Lewis, and Mrs. Jackson, these items are being distributed at Siloam Mission and various other soup kitchens across the city. Hopefully they will contribute to the safety of some of society’s most vulnerable members.


Editor’s Note: Riley and Matt collected from the school two full pickup trucks of winter clothes. They hope to establish this amazing undertaking as a registered charity. Men For Others indeed!

All photos courtesy of St. Paul’s High School.

Riley Sierhuis is a Gr. 12 student at St. Paul’s High School, a member of the Maroon and White Society, an athlete, and a man for others.

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