The Journey Continues: Letters Home from Philosophy Studies, 1965 – 67 – Part 13

This is a fragment of the last letter from The Mount. Only the last page survived. Given the time references within it, the letter was written about June 9th. The first paragraph continues the note of ‘saying goodbye sadness’ sounded in Craig Boly’s addition to the May 9th letter.


Tom and Frank

….One thing that is sort of sad around here at this time is the breaking up of the whole gang. A number have already left for their various summer assignment, and every couple of days more leave.

It’s difficult to say good bye to very good friends, friends whom you probably will not see for a very long time. But there is joy too in seeing them leave to do greater things and we all part with many many happy memories.

The Woof ‘N Warps really got a work out in the last week and a half of May. During that time we played for many visiting families and friends and for the house picnic, our class picnic, and what not else.

A few days before Don DesRoches [a Jesuit from the California Province of the Society of Jesus] left, the first of the Woof ‘N Warps to leave, Joe Keenan’s dad sent us sweat shirts and T-Shirts with “6 of the Woof ‘N Warps” printed on them. They are very beautiful and will be a good momento of our singing group.

I have now finished my retreat. I began on June 1st the day I had my oral exam. It was very enjoyable and relaxing retreat, the most relaxing I’ve ever had. Much swimming and sun and prayer have perked me up considerably just in time for ordination activities which will take a little energy.

The ordination is this morning at 9:00 and after we will serve brunch for the families and friends of the ordinandi. There will be quite a few people so that means a little work.

Tomorrow the ordinandi will say their first masses here at the Mount. We will probably have to play folk masses for some of them and then we will serve breakfasts again. So you see it will be a busy time.

At Villa

On Monday we will be off to villa at Priest Lake until the 17th. That will be enjoyable.

I’m going to have to sign off now for time is pressing. Thank you very much for the letter and your response to the toast was very good and had a good message for me at this time too, mum.

I’ve been praying for the rain you need. We’ve been getting some here I hope you have too.

May God bless all of you. Your are always in my prayer.




Photos courtesy of Frank Obrigewitsch, SJ

Frank Obrigewitsch, SJ, is pastor of St. Ignatius parish in Winnipeg.

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