The Incarnation: Perfect Timing


Welcome to the broken season: a spike

in suicides, depression, colds and flu,

when the good ship Family struggles like

an old, creaky schooner with sea-sick crew

pitched and tossed by a faceless force jealous

of things that float. Welcome to the broken

season; the annual, fevered gold rush

that whispers wealth inexhaustible then

shouts out a deep and widespread scarcity.

Welcome, Saviour, to the malls, the landfills,

the foodbanks, the psych wards, the pharmacies,

stocked up with sugar-coated coping-pills.

That you should come to this is nothing new:

brokenness has always attracted you.

Greg Kennedy, SJ is assigned to the spiritual exercises ministry at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph, Ontario.

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