The bindweed that has colonized the scrubland

beneath the high-tension wires of your humming eyes

came as one unsuspected seed fallen from the sprig

of something more noxious than laurel in the beak

of a wasted dove in the washed-out search for solidity.



in the soil just good enough

to open up a kingdom of green entangling,

a wildly knit baklava pulled over the stranger face

of the earth, who for years would have rather had

nothing to hide.


Bindweed and high-tension scrubland

incredulous to itself.

I would ask your eyes, together with that wing-worn dove,

to perch in the shade of some kind, solid tree

and wait awhile for rest.

Greg Kennedy, SJ is assigned to the spiritual exercises ministry at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph, Ontario.

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