Waiting for the Baby

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We all know how much fun it is to anticipate a special event….like  the tickets to a baseball playoff arrive and we start counting down the days. Our favourite niece is marrying in a few months and as the wedding approaches, we look forward to the family reunion at this celebration of love.

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Nothing seems to provide more joy than awaiting the birth of a baby. For first-time parents or grandparents, the love in their hearts has been building for months.

How much more wonderful this world could be if that same anticipation surrounded the weeks of Advent, when we await the special birth of the Saviour of the world, our Lord, Jesus Christ. Just imagine how Mary felt as her time approached, and she had the love and trust of Joseph to help her prepare.

The season of Advent brings with it a lot of hustle and bustle as gifts are purchased and baking and cooking begins. Although these tasks are necessary, perhaps this Advent season of 2017 we might find a few moments each day to say a prayer for one person in our lives who no longer goes to church. We might ask Jesus to open their hearts wider to His love for them and inspire them to visit His church.

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Our world has become self-reliant. Technology provides time savers but also, the potential for distraction. Of course, some people use their computers to follow favourite religious websites, or to regularly read prayers. But too often there can be a stronger temptation to look for other interests, play games and even gamble on line.

The birth of Christ is worthy of our complete attention throughout the weeks of Advent. Some friends of mine make a point of planning ahead to help in a soup kitchen for Christmas Day, while others volunteer to help organizations distribute gifts to families in need.

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There are so many ways to honour Christ and celebrate His birth in this special season of anticipation. Each act of kindness offers the Lord a gift and we show Him how important He is in our lives.

The greatest commandment He gave to us is LOVE ME AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR. May each of us find our own way to honour Him this Christmas with a gift of sharing His love with others.

Joan Levy Earle is an author and artist living in Cornwall, Ontario. She is the former Associate Editor of the Canadian Messenger of the Sacred Heart magazine.

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